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AKW Law Sues Snohomish County Regarding the Killing of Adam Jensen and Destruction of Evidence

Attorneys Ada K. Wong and Jordan T. Wada of AKW Law, P.C., on behalf of Adam Jensen’s Estate, are suing the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Department, and its responsible officers, in federal court for the cold-blooded killing of Mr. Jensen in his own home in the early morning of September 9, 2018.

The lawsuit, filed in the Western District of Washington on September 2, 2020, alleges Snohomish County Sheriffs violated Mr. Jensen’s constitutional rights when an officer shot him 4 times right outside his upstairs bedroom in front of his girlfriend and near her 3 sleeping young children.

Three officers arrived at Mr. Jensen’s townhome when his girlfriend called 911 after an argument. Nine different entities, including the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Department, were dispatched to their residence. Mr. Jensen’s girlfriend opened the door and led 2 officers upstairs toward their bedroom. The officers drew their weapons and quietly walked up the stairs with her. Within seconds, a taser and 4 consecutive shots were fired at Mr. Jensen.

The officers watched as Mr. Jensen slowly rolled down the stairs, breathing heavily. “It’s fine, let him go,” said one officer as Mr. Jensen fell, followed by, “Good job.” The shooting officer then went down the stairs, casually stepping over Mr. Jensen, to talk to the other officer. Mr. Jensen laid at the bottom of the stairs, blood pouring out from his multiple gunshot wounds, groaning in excruciating pain, and struggling for air. The officers simply looked at Mr. Jensen, lying there, until one of them said, “He’s gone.”

The same day, after Mr. Jensen’s girlfriend provided her statement to the police, 2 officers showed up where she was staying and forced her to hand over her laptop, username, and password to her living room camera recordings, which were stored electronically on the cloud. All the events were recorded, but the officers deleted them off the cloud storage, destroying clearly important evidence.

Attorney Ada K. Wong remarks, “These officers’ actions should not be tolerated. We all have the right to be safe in our home and not be killed. If we are not safe in our own homes, are we really safe anywhere? And not only do we have an officer killing Mr. Jensen in cold blood, they then try to cover it up by deleting pertinent evidence. There are no excuses for this behavior and they need to take responsibility for what they did.”

Read More Here:

2020-09-11 - Jensen v Snohomish County M
Download • 109KB
ECF 4 - Redacted Complaint
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