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We are dedicated to holding drivers who cause accidents responsible for injuring others, and helping victims recover the compensation they deserve.



Nothing can prepare you for losing a loved one. We are here to hold the wrongful party responsible and be your relentless advocate and voice. 



If a reckless driver injured you or a loved one in a bicycle crash, we are here to help. We seek to bring the at-fault party to justice.


We hold bars and restaurants responsible for overselling or serving underage customers who subsequently cause harm to others.



When distracted drivers crash into a pedestrian, victims are often left seriously injured and mounting medical bills.



Exhausted, distracted truck drivers regularly cause serious accidents, leaving victims with permanent injuries.  


We represent victims of sexual abuse and hold the abuser and other entities liable. 

Whiplash. Broken bones. Rotated shoulder cuffs. Car accidents can cause serious injuries – and very often, those involved don’t even feel any pain and suffering until days later.


Car accident victims regularly seek compensation to cover medical expenses, wage loss, emotional distress, property damages, prescription costs, future wage loss, future medical expenses, out-of-pocket expenses, loss of enjoyment, etc.   

Car Crashes


We've all seen drivers texting or eating behind the wheel. Their negligence can cause big injuries when they collide with a person on a bike. 


If you were hit while riding your bicycle by a government vehicle—city bus, school bus, police car, fire truck etc.—be sure to contact us immediately to preserve your rights. Generally, there’s a shorter window to file a claim against municipalities.    

Bike Accidents
Pedestrian Accidents


Many car drivers fail to operate their vehicles safely around pedestrians. ​As a pedestrian, these accidents can cause serious injuries that carry with them huge medical expenses. 


Whether you were hit because the driver ran a red light, made a right turn through a crosswalk without looking, or the driver was distracted, we're here to help. 


When family members are faced with the sudden death of a loved one, it’s important to remember that victim’s families know they have legal rights.  Which is why it’s so important to contact an attorney as quickly as possible.

Surprising as it is, Washington law only allows certain family members to recover for a wrongful death of a loved one—in most cases, just the surviving spouse or children have legal claims. Sometimes surviving siblings or parents have claims if they are financially dependent on the loved one. 

Wrongful Death
Pouring Beer

Dram shop laws help victims of drunk drivers hold the bar or restaurant that served the driver responsible. These laws apply restaurants, casinos, and bars, because they have a duty to sell alcohol responsibly, just like people have a responsibility to behave appropriately when drinking.


And it’s not just for businesses that serve alcohol. When adults or parents allow or serve alcohol to minors, they too may be responsible for the damage caused by the person they allowed to become intoxicated.

Dram Shop/Overservice



When there's an accident involving a truck, the results can be catastrophic. From multi-car pile-ups to toxic waste spills, truck accidents put the public at risk. 

Too often, the cause is driver exhaustion, speeding, or improperly loaded cargo. But because of the size differential between trucks and cars, often times it's not the truck driver who ends up losing their life or seriously injured.

Truck Accidents


If you or someone you love survived sex abuse as a child, it is important to contact a lawyer right away because you may be barred from filing a lawsuit or seeking recourse if the statute of limitiations expired.  Sexual abuse takes many forms and affects may types of victims.  We are committed to preventing childhood sex abuse and seeking justice for victims of sex abuse.  

Like many of our other fee structures, we take sexual abuse cases on a contingency - which means we do not require attorney's fees up front and are only paid if we are able to help you recover monetary damages.  

Sex Abuse
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