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What Our Clients Say About Us

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Ada is an excellent lawyer, compassionate and kindhearted.  She has an exemplary performance of being a lawyer.  I would recommend her to my friends and family.  - Arnel T.

Looking for an Attorney that Advocates for you...Look No Further!  I couldn't be happier with Ada and the service that her and her team provided from start to finish...She is extremely knowledgeable in Employment Law and spoke candidly about the pros and cons of my case, including best/worse case scenario.  - Employment Law Client 



Ada was a godsend for me...Got my case going and never stopped...I really appreciate Ada's hard work and persistence.  - Personal Injury Client



A lot of times, people do not know when or whether it would be necessary to consult an attorney.  For my case, I called a couple of companies to seek legal advice.  One company turned me down, but [Ada] responded to my call very quickly with very good legal advice, even though she was flying out [of] town the next day.  She is a rare, trustworthy, knowledgeable legal expert that I have come across for many years.  - Anonymous



Ada deserves 5 out of 5 stars!  She was amazing.  She got back to me promptly and put me at ease.  She gave me the legal information that I needed to move forward.  I wouldn't hesitate to use her again."  - Kelly C.

* Quotes may have been slightly altered for grammatical purposes and for a shorter length. 

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