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Top 4 Things You Should Do After an Accident

1. File a police report. This is especially important if the driver has fled the scene. And police do have the resources to help track down the driver—but they can only help if they’re contacted immediately. Not to mention, even if the other driver cannot be located, your insurance company will want the event documented by a police report.

2. Identify any witnesses. While the driver may have fled the scene there may be witnesses that pulled over to help out. Make sure you get their contact information and statements of what they witnessed. The police investigation will go much more in your favor if you can provide them with witnesses they can interview.

3. Notify your own auto and health insurance companies. Preserving your case and protecting your rights every way possible includes letting your own insurance companies know what happened.

4. Seek medical attention right away. In addition to the damage to your bike, accidents often involve painful recoveries and significant injuries. It’s very important to take time to heal and follow your doctor’s orders—if you return too quickly, you seriously risk reducing the value of your case.

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