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The Misconception of Insurance & The 3 Most Important Parts of Your Automobile Policy

Many people assume when they buy car insurance, they are fully protected from all forms of disaster. For instance, many assume that if they are involved in a collision with another driver who is uninsured, their own insurance carrier will compensate them for their injuries and/or damages. However, this depends on the type and amount of coverage. Car insurance carriers often create policies that the average citizen cannot understand. This is primarily due to the fact that such wording in insurance policies is mandated by law. However, in the midst of all those sophisticated words and sentences, there are 3 critical components of your insurance policy that all drivers should understand: L

The Law on Overtime Pay Under the Washington State Minimum Wage Act ("MWA")

While the minimum wage amount of a given state may fluctuate every year, the rules and regulations pertaining to overtime work remains concrete. In Washington State, the current minimum wage for 2015 is $9.47 (though it may be higher in different cities). Working overtime is nationally recognized as working over 40 hours per week. Thus, any individual who works in excess of 40 hours in any given week must be compensated accordingly, otherwise that employee can make a claim for overtime. The Washington State Minimum Wage Act (“MWA”) requires that employers pay overtime wages to employees that work over 40 hours in a single week and compensation for overtime wages must amount to at least one a

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