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Attorney Ada Wong Serves as Mentor to New Lawyers Building Their Own Firms

As Attorney Ada K. Wong wraps up her first year serving as a mentor for new lawyers from the Seattle University School of Law, we ask what she enjoyed most about being part of the program:

“I definitely think it’s the bond you get to build with them. It continues outside of the one-year program and you can see how they grow and foster into great business men and women as well as great lawyers.”

As a mentor, Mrs. Wong provides coaching and mentorship to mentees in the program as well as teach practical skills that provide continuing legal education credits to the lawyers.

Through SU School of Law’s Access to Justice Institute, the Low Bono Incubator Program provides training, guidance, and resources to help alumni build a thriving solo or small firm practice. The lawyers in this program helps serve moderate-income clients by offering reduced-fees.

Read more about the law school's Low Bono Incubator Program here.

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