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Ada is a relentless advocate for her clients. There is no stopping her until justice is reached, whether through early resolution, mediation, or trial. She is also an Adjunct Professor at the Seattle University School of Law teaching Employment Discrimination. She serves as an Arbitrator in King and Snohomish Counties and mentors law students and lawyers across the U.S.


Ada is originally from the Bay Area. In 2009, she moved to Washington to attend law school at the University of Washington. She enjoyed being in Washington and has stayed since.

In her spare time, Ada enjoys playing co-ed flag football, volunteering with various executive boards and committees, and spending time with her husband, two daughters, and three cats, Matcha, Kylo, and Soba.

Practice Areas

Ada practices in the following areas:

  • Employment Law

  • Severace Reviews & Negotiations

  • Wills & Trusts

  • Business Disputes & Litigation

  • Start-ups & LLC Formation

  • Personal Injury

  • Civil Rights

Education & Experience

  • University of Washington School of Law, J.D., Dispute Resolution Concentration

  • Keenan Trial Institute – Master Graduate

  • University of California, Davis, B.A., Communication

  • Adjunct Professor of Employment Discrimination Course, Seattle University School of Law

  • Arbitrator, King and Snohomish Counties

  • Dean of Undergraduate Voir Dire, Keenan Trial Institute

  • Faculty, Keenan Trial Institute

  • Editor-in-Chief*, Editorial Board Member, Washington State Associate of Justice Trial Guides

  • Co-Host, Keenan Trial Institute Employment Law Seminar

  • Employment Law Deskbook Co-Author, Washington State Associate of Justice (WSAJ)

  • Co-Chair, WSAJ Employment Law Section

  • Co-Chair*, WSAJ Civil Rights Section

  • Editorial Board Member*, American Inns of Court The Bencher

  • Past President, Vietnamese American Bar Association of Washington

  • Public Relations Chair*, Executive Board Member*, Member, William L. Dwyer American Inns of Court

  • Mentor, Seattle University School of Law Incubator Program

  • Member, WSAJ Diversity and CLE Committees

* Denotes prior experience

  • WSAJ’s Employment Law Deskbook, Sex Discrimination, December 2022

  • WSAJ’s Employment Law Deskbook, Retaliation, December 2022

  • Silenced No More!, July 2022 (WSAJ Trial News)

  • The Present & Future of Trial News, September 2021 (WSAJ Trial News)

  • Employment Protection in the Time of COVID-19, July 2021 (WSAJ Trial News)

  • Remote Voir Dire: Virtually Divided but Still Connected, June 2021 (WSAJ Trial News)

  • Celebrating Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month, May 2021 (WSAJ Trial News)

  • Western District of Washington Local Civil Rules Update, April 2021 (WSAJ Trial News)

  • Nine Mistakes to Avoid in Remote Video Jury Trials, March 2021 (WSAJ Trial News)

  • Police Officer’s Confession to Lying in Court, Suicide, and Admissibility of Statements to be Determined, February 2021 (WSAJ Trial News)

  • Counting Our Blessings, January 2021 (WSAJ Trial News)

  • All-Zoom Jury Trial, December 2020 (WSAJ Trial News)

  • Virtual Trials, October 2022 (WSAJ Trial News)

  • Zoom-side Chat, September 2022 (WSAJ Trial News)

  • Stop Systemic Racism and Police Brutality!, July/August 2020 (WSAJ Trial News)

  • Remote Video Depositions – Cringe or Binge?, June 2020 (WSAJ Trial News)

  • COVID-19 Related Leave: Intersection of the Family Medical Leave Act and the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, May 2020 (WSAJ Trial News)

  • Conflict Checks – Are You in Compliance with the RPCs?, February 2020 (WSAJ Trial News)

  • Access to Justice and Mentorship, January 2020 (WSAJ Trial News)

  • New Overtime Rule in Effect January 1, 2020, December 2019 (WSAJ Trial News)

  • Baby Talk: Pregnancy-Related Leave, November 2019 (WSAJ Trial News)

  • WSAJ Motor Vehicle Litigation Desk Book: Discovery in Automobile Cases, September 2018 (WSAJ)

  • Victory in the Second Circuit: Civil Rights Law to Include Sexual Orientation Discrimination Claims Under Title VII, April 2018 (WSAJ Trial News)

  • Leverage as a Young, Female, Minority Lawyer, December 2017 (WSAJ Trial News)

  • SCOTUS Sends a Message to The Lower Courts: Stop Suing Police Officers, May 2017 (WSAJ Trial News)

  • Networking, Marketing, and Everything in Between, January 2017 (American Inns of Court The Bencher)

  • Employer Liability for Customer or Non-Employee Harassment, September 2016 (WSAJ Trial News)

  • Did You Know About WSAJ's Getting Started Series ("GSS")?, September 2016 (WSAJ Trial News)

  • Book Review: Case Framing, May 2016 (WSAJ Trial News)

  • Police Brutality and the Mentally Ill, March 2016 (WSAJ Trial News)

  • Young v. United States Parcel Service, Inc.: A Small Step for Pregnant Employees, July 2015 (WSAJ Trial News)

  • The Need for Clarity on Tasers—Excessive Force and Qualified Immunity, March 2015 (WSAJ Trial News)

  • Johnston-Forbes v. Matsunaga and Biomechanical Testimony—Where Does That Leave Plaintiffs' Attorneys in Excluding Expert Testimony?, October 2014 (WSAJ Trial News)

  • Legal Guide: How to Get Your Employee File in Washington, 2014 (AVVO)

  • What Is "Excessive Force"? A Look at Graham v. Connor, 2013 (WSBA NW Sidebar)

  • 50 Years After Gideon: Should the Right to Counsel Be Expanded?, 2013 (WSBA NWSidebar)

  • Facebook Can Cost You More Than Your Lawsuit: Allied Concrete Co. v. Lester, 2013 (WSBA NWSidebar)

Speaking Engagements
  • WSAJ WOW Conference: “Starting Your Own Firm,” July 2024

  • Washington Employment Lawyer Associate (WELA), “Story Crafting in Depositions and Beyond,” October 2023

  • Keenan Trial Institute Employment Seminar: “Mediation & Settlements,” June 2023

  • Keenan Trial Institute Employment Seminar: “Written Discovery & Depositions,” June 2023

  • WSAJ GSS: “Running a Successful Law Firm,” June 2023

  • 21st Annual CLE Bootcamp: “Labor & Employment Law,” December 2022

  • WSAJ Employment Law Conference, “Retaliation in Employment,” December 2022

  • WSBA CLE: “2022 Ethics in Civil Litigation: Client Communications & Ethical Issues,” September 2022

  • Keenan Trial Institute Employment Seminar: “Mediation & Settlements,” June 2022

  • National Business Institute (NBI) CLE, “Wage & Benefits Issues,” May 2022

  • “Estate Planning: Wills, Trusts & Blended Families,” December 2021

  • 21st Annual Labor & Employment Law Conference: “Tips for Effective Use of Videoconference in Litigation,” November 2021

  • NELA: “Lessons Learned in Zoom Trial and Punitive Damages,” October 2021

  • Keenan Trial Institute Employment Seminar: “KTI Methods & Lessons,” July 2021

  • National Business Institute: “Wage & Benefits Issues,” May 2021

  • AABANY’s Litigation Committee: “Trial by Zoom: Effective Advocacy for Remote Trials,” March 15, 2021

  • Seattle University School of Law CLE: "Deposition Strategies in the Age of Covid-19," December 2020

  • National Business Institute (NBI) CLE: "Employment Law: 2020 Comprehensive Guide—Avoiding Wage and Hour Violations," October 2020

  • WSBA CLE: "2020 Ethics in Civil Litigation: Common Ethical Issues That Arise in Client Communications," September 2020

  • 23rd Annual Labor & Employment Law Conference: "Plaintiff’s Perspective: Top 10 Common Ways Employers Invite Lawsuits and How to Avoid It," August 2020

  • 20th Annual Labor & Employment Law CLE Bootcamp: “Employment Law Insights from the Frontlines,” December 2019

  • NBI: "Human Resource Law From Start to Finish: Wage Issues," November 2019

  • Seattle University School of Law CLE: "Deposition Skills & Techniques," October 2019

  • WSBA CLE: "Common Ethical Issues That Arise in Client Communications," September 2019

  • WSAJ Annual Convention CLE: "Discovery in Automobile Cases: Practical Tips," September 2018

  • Seattle University School of Law CLE: "Depositions 101: Skills & Strategies," August 2018

  • University of Washington School of Law: "Civil Procedure I: Panel Discussion on Discovery," February 2018

  • WSAJ Civil Rights CLE Co-Chair: "Cutting Edge Civil Rights Issues: Police Misconduct, Homeless Rights, and Prisoners’ Rights," November 2017

  • WSAJ CLE: “Overall Discovery Planning and Differences in State v. Federal Discovery,” March 2017

  • WSBA CLE: "Effective Tools for the 21st Century Litigator: Updates to Federal Civil Rules and Comparison to Washington's Civil Rules," September 2016

  • WSAJ WOW Conference: "Lifting Up: Powerful Ideas from WOW Powerhouses," September 2016

  • Greater Seattle Romance Writers of America: "Help!  Author Support Panel," September 2016

  • WSAJ CLE: "Cultural Competence in Trial, " June 2016

  • WSBA Legal Lunchbox: "Over the Course of Your Legal Career—A Conversation on Professional Development & Office Management," May 2016

  • WSAJ CLE: "How to Survive & Thrive in the First Years of Practice," March 2016

  • WSAJ EAGLE Legal Staff Brown Bag: "A Case Walks in the Door: From Intake to Filing and Service," September 2015

  • WSCC: "10 Things All Employers Should Know: From Hiring to Firing," April 2015

Managing Partner

Ada Wong

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