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Why You Need An Attorney – And How We Can Help

It’s our job to gather, analyze and present the evidence in a way that helps you win.

Many times, an injured person elects to deal with the insurance companies on his or her own--any attorney will tell you that this is not recommended. Insurance companies are NOT your friend and does not have your best interest in mind. But once you sign a settlement agreement and waiver and releases of all claims, there's no going back.

The insurance company or whoever you’re attempting to collect compensation from will try to make it seem like your injury is temporary, not permanent.

We start by preparing your claim by:

- Collecting police and accident scene reports

- Questioning witnesses

- Reconstructing the accident scene

- Taking photographs of the scene, damage, and injuries

- Analyzing medical reports

- Contacting expert witnesses to review evidence

- Speaking with the insurance providers on your behalf

Of course, the opposing side will want to minimize their payout. So you can help by providing us with as much information as possible regarding your claim and injuries.

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